Welcome Message

Welcome to International Language Schools of Canada

Congratulations on your decision to accept the challenging and exciting task of learning a new language. You have made an excellent choice, enrolling in one of the best private language schools in the world. Our schools are situated in 8 unique cities including magical Vancouver, energetic Toronto, passionate Montréal, action-packed New Delhi, exciting San Francisco, trendsetting New York, warm and sunny Brisbane, and dynamic Sydney. On behalf of ILSC, I extend a warm welcome to you. We are honored that you have chosen our school in which to further your studies. At ILSC, our expert instructors and administrators share a commitment to provide you with the very highest quality learning experience.

A new language is best learned in a variety of active, dynamic situations. At ILSC, classroom instruction is augmented by several programs in which students learn English on wilderness hikes, on cultural and recreational field trips around the cities, in art and theatre settings, in computer labs, in homestay situations and even in workplace settings with our Internship programs. We heartily recommend that you check out the full descriptions of each of these programs elsewhere on this web site.

The language lab at ILSC is the classroom, the city, the people, the adventures - in short, the entire life experience you will enjoy with us. We have put together an array of language learning programs that serve a full spectrum range of personal interests, preferences and career choices.

We sincerely hope that you will make the most of your wonderful opportunity to live and learn in a great school in a great country. For those who have the motivation to work hard and play hard, ILSC offers a highly rewarding learning experience, and new friends and memories that will last a life time.


Paul Zysman