Test Preparation

Test Preparation Courses

ILSC has a variety of Test Preparation Programs to help you be successful with the language proficiency exam you need to take.

Test Preparation (3 hour classes)

Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) Preparation

Levels: Intermediate 4  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 3

This course helps prepare for the CAE advanced level exam, recognized for professional and academic qualifications.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Levels: Beginner 4  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 3

The IELTS test is internationally recognized. Educational institutions and government agencies from over 120 countries trust the IELTS test as a valid indicator of ability to communicate in English. Countries like Australia and Canada use the IELTS test for immigration purposes and it is required for study and professional visas.

The IELTS Preparation Program is designed for non-native speakers who would like to take the IELTS Exam. Our program begins with an initial IELTS practice test to assess students’ abilities. The instructor then focuses on meeting each student’s individual needs throughout the course. Students will regularly practice the different components of the test, focus on specific modules of the exam in-depth (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and also learn test-taking strategies.

TOEFL® Preparation

Levels: Intermediate 2  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 3

Prepare for success in the standard entrance exam into North American colleges and universities.

Academic Preparation (1.5 hour classes)

These 1.5 hour classes provide focused study skills and complement the three hour classes.

Business English Cambridge (BEC)

Levels: Beginner 4  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 1.5

Improve your business English vocabulary and skills by focusing on aspects of the Cambridge BEC tests. Focus on business vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for business situations. Increase your professional chances in global job markets as well as opportunities to work abroad.