Student Testimonials

Lucia Pietropaolo

When I decided to come here, I knew it was going to be a challenge for me. I’ve travelled the world, but India is a unique country. What you read or watch it’s not enough, you have to experience it for yourself!

It hasn’t been easy, and it’s sometimes frustrating to cope with a few different things, like:

  • Climate: It’s hot and humid
  • Insects: If you have a phobia like me, be prepared
  • Mosquitoes: Make sure you bring repellent with you
  • Traffic: There are no rules, and as pedestrian, you’ll find it difficult to cross the road. Just don’t run, it will confuse the driver
  • Toilet paper: Take it with you, always, and especially if you are travelling through the country

One more suggestion I have for all women reading this - safety is of a crucial importance, but please don’t let the media stories interfere with your social life! It’s never safe to hang out on your own late at night, anywhere in the world. There are good and bad people in every country, so let’s try not to generalize.

As a student, I really enjoyed the courses at the school, the teachers were great and the staff helpful. I’d recommend ILSC school to everyone! Going back to what I mentioned before, India is not an easy country, and it’s still a developing country. However, there are so many things you’ll like about it. The food, landscape, spiritually and technology all combined together. As a traveller, I know I’ll surely come back a second time! I want to explore the places that I still haven’t seen, and that deserve to be seen.

Enjoy the magic of India, its cities, beautiful monuments, wonderful food and marvelous handicraft.

Lucia Pietropaolo Italy
Zdenka Guitton

I will never forget this unique experience. I studied here for two months and at the beginning I didn’t understand well – it was difficult for me to say one sentence. ILSC-New Delhi was like my family during my stay here and I started to speak English. I liked my teachers…they treated us as they friends and they were very well-informed. Thank you very much ILSC.

Zdenka Guitton France
Sayed Mohammad Samir

I have enjoyed studying and learning English here. The IELTS class helped me to get more score than I required for my admission. I am very thankful [to the teachers] for their hard work. [They] really gave us confidence for writing the test and getting the Academic Band 7. The staff at ILSC was always helpful and the cultural activities were fun and interesting. I will miss everyone.

Sayed Mohammad Samir Afghanistan
Ivana Dias

I came to ILSC because it is a very famous institute. I need to pass the IELTS. I don’t really know schools in India, so people around me recommend this institute. The first time I went to the Language Institute, I was very surprised because people are very friendly. Even though they don’t know you, they will come to you and make you feel comfortable. People here come from a lot of countries such as Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Japan and Brazil. They come from all over the world so you can find out about different cultures and different ways to live. The class schedule is adapted for quick evaluation. It’s my first time here, but I can already see the results of my stay here. If you want to come here, don’t get nervous because you are a new student. Everything is going to be all right. Promise!

Ivana Dias Brazil
Naam Yun Sung

Finally my class is finished. I learned so many things. When I came to Delhi my English was so poor but after this program I can very well speak to others. Our teachers are TESOL Certified and have many years experience in teaching. Our classes have not more than eight students. This allows the teacher to give individual attention, and helps students to make the fastest progress. I made some good friends in ILSC.

Naam Yun Sung South Korea
Jenny Paola Arevalo

I can say 100% sure that this experience has changed my life.

I’ve been here for almost two months (pretty short time), but I’ve enjoyed a lot of things, meeting amazing people of different countries, religions, and ideas that have increased my point of view about life. On the other hand, ILSC-New Delhi also helps me in many other things. When I came here I couldn’t speak as well as I had wanted, but now I can actually enjoy the time with my classmates, teachers, the staff and they’ve helped me in improving my skills and at this moment I feel so happy for all the experiences I’ve had in India.

Besides this, the schools has had different activities (trips, meals, movies) that have given me more choices for using my English in the real life. For example, we had an awesome trip to Rajasthan, “The land of kings,” where we could live an unforgettable experience, a mixture of textures, colours, aromas, feelings, people, huge buildings, palaces and the most beautiful sunset that I’ve ever seen in my life.

So, definitely, if I had chosen another school in another country, I guess it would have been different, and it would never have given me the same feeling that I got at ILSC.

Jenny Paola Arevalo Colombia
Loic Paradeise

These two months were a really good experience for me. My progression in English was very fast and the lessons and teachers at the school were great. Learning English in India was such a different experience for me, and it’s an experience for any person who wants a challenge and to discovering India. I recommend this school for these reasons.

Loic Paradeise France
Akihiko Tajima

It was a good experience for me and I loved spending time with the ILSC staff and students. I could meet people from many kinds of countries, and going out for Indian food with my classmates and teachers was my favourite experience.

Akihiko Tajima Japan
Raina Saxena

The course is well-suited for teaching professionals. It adds a new dimension to previous knowledge. There was appropriate use of A/V aids, which made the teaching vibrant and interesting. At my age (50+) I didn’t think I would learn a lot since I’ve taught for the last 30 years. However, I was surprised at how much I took home after each lesson. It added a new dimension and exposed me to a more international school of thought on language learning. I have greatly profited from these classes.

The teacher was excellent. He conducts the classes with energy, intelligence and honesty. His lessons were always dynamic and interesting. I often came stressed from work and in 3 hours he managed to de-stress me and teach me new teaching techniques. It’s been an amazing experience and he has been an extraordinary teacher.

Raina Saxena India
Said Ahmad Mujib Sadat

ILSC exceeded my expectations. I not only attained my career goals, but I also made good friends. Moreover, some of the best things about studying at ILSC were the commitment and passion that teachers (especially Bhanu) showed towards their students. After completing the IELTS training course, I got my desired band in the exam (Band 7).

Said Ahmad Mujib Sadat Afghanistan
Fumi Sato

The course I took was so enjoyable that I had a great time. As the course is well structured, I could easily take part in conversation and try to speak. The topics were useful for daily situations. My teacher has wide knowledge about various kinds of matters. that is the greatest for me to enjoy my studying English. As I was the only Japanese, he always cared a lot about me. I could keep learning happily thanks to his support.

Fumi Sato Japan
Hyo Jung Jun

The course was amazing. It’s the best among the classes I’ve ever taken. I hadn’t ever taught English before, so it was really challenging because it was a totally new field for me. In every single class I could learn lots of things that I didn’t know. When I had some troubles in the class, the teacher handled it very well and helped me through it.

Hyo Jung Jun KOREA
Fuyuko Ishizawa

I really enjoyed the lessons. At first, I was poor in speaking English loudly because I’m shy in front of strangers. However, I learned that I have to have confidence when I speak English. Not to hesitate and be shy was what I learned at this school. The teachers were interesting and kind so I could speak without hesitation. My homestay family was really nice. I could obtain a lot of knowledge not only about Indian culture but also about adopting other cultures. Thank you for your kindness!

Fuyuko Ishizawa Japan

ILSC helped me a lot during the course of my training programme by conducting field trip and also by motivating me to improve my personal skills and confidence ... ILSC has taught me many things and hence become a great motivator.

Maisham Afghanistan
Edson Dias

I am studying at ILSC for 2 months. I was worried about living in India because I hadn't spoken and listened to English much before. For this reason, I always tried to make friends inside and outside of school to have a chance to speak English as much as possible. ILSC staff and teachers work together to provide the best educational programs and academic counseling possible. Our teachers are friendly; TESOL qualified and experienced native English speakers, who fully understand the needs of international students. The quality and dedication of our teachers is clearly reflected. Here staff works hard to make sure that your time at ILSC will be a language learning success as well as a cultural experience you won’t soon forget. First, I found a modern, welcoming and warm school provided with everything for pleasant studies: experienced teachers and staff, small classrooms, library, computers area, cafeteria...and smoking area!! When I met the staff, I was delighted. We were kindly welcomed by counselors and then we were explained everything about studies. I remember having been very surprised to realize I was able to understand all what they told us even if it was the first day at school!! Well, I felt at once very comfortable and looked forward to start learning...and I was not going to be disappointed. If courses were so pleasant, it's due to wonderful teachers.

Edson Dias Brazil
Bhupinder Kaur

Being at ILSC was one of the most wonderful experiences that I will remember throughout my life. Everyone is very nice and supportive and it's like a place where you want to always be. To learn and practice IELTS with the instructor was amazing. It would have never been as easy for me to get this score without his guidance.

Bhupinder Kaur India
Lucilane Aluajo

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the course …our teachers are not only a great and very dedicated teacher of language, but a very inspiring and entertaining person as well, nothing but wonderful memories.

Lucilane Aluajo Brazil
Neha Sareen

I am taking the English program at ILSC. I love it here because I can find a lot of fun when I am studying at school. Firstly, all my teachers are very nice; they are very strict, but they are very patient. Also, the classes are lively because of the teacher's humor. When I was sick last week, I sent emails to tell my teachers my situation. They wrote me back letters very soon and let me calm down. That really helped me get better fast. All my classmates are very friendly. We get along with each other very well. That's why I am enjoying all the group work. There are a lot of activities during each term.. It helps me to improve my English a lot and lean a lot outside of school. I feel this school has a really high quality of teaching.

Neha Sareen India
Animesh Tiwari

I joined the program to improve English but I learnt so many other valuable things. This program really has exceeded my expectations. Very informative, great preparation for academic learning. It was hard to pick out which is the most helpful thing. Everything was good, I really gained a lot of simple "must-knows" for essay writing in university. I learn useful knowledge from every section of this program. It was great. The professor did an excellent job and gave us valuable tools to learn In addition to the educating style, I believe that I am enjoying this because of the classmates I have become friends with. Thanks a lot ILSC for improving my English and personality so well!

Animesh Tiwari India
Atsuhisa Nakanishi

Japanese are usually OK with written grammar, but when it comes to speaking it’s difficult. But here I could get a chance to speak and practice. Also, I could make a lot of friends from all over the world (India, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan). I had a really good time with my friends. While all the teachers were amazing, my best teacher was Divya. I love her!!

Atsuhisa Nakanishi Japan
Samarth Goyal

The material was superb. I was learning everything naturally. English is like a friend for me now. I enjoyed the natural learning English and now I know that where I have to work in my English learning skills. Now I like English so much.

Samarth Goyal India
Neeru Sethi

I have always been an introverted and shy student. It is amazing how the course has sparked off a change in me – especially at this age. At first, I was not sure if I could gain much, but I am definitely going back a richer person in terms of knowledge and I’m ready to face the world. It was immensely beneficial to have such an instructor. I consider myself fortunate to have had a teacher like him. He was a true role model.

Neeru Sethi India

I think ILSC is very helpful for people, who'd like to reach the level of perfectness with their English, and I myself have joined a couple of English Institutes in my country, but I find this one the best of them all. After one month ... I'm able to write better, to use more adequate words, to understand and speak more efficiently.

Jin South Korea
Evgeny Moshkov

Everything at ILSC was superb, from the first pick-up service at the airport to the final day. I’m really thankful to the team! I did not expect such a great collective of people and feel that the atmosphere was like you are in a family. For any person interested in coming, do not miss [the opportunity to be with] this team. It is really hard to find people like this ILSC team. Thank you!

Evgeny Moshkov Russia
Keiji Konno

[The teachers] are all earnest having enthusiasm and passion in teaching. Also they are open- minded and flexible enough to be ready to follow students’ changing levels and requirements. I’m satisfied with the IELTS course having no regret. I would like to recommend studying English in India with ILSC to my friends and acquaintances.

Keiji Konno Japan
Takashi Doi

When I arrived at India, I couldn’t speak English at all. Although I felt uneasy about India life at first, my uneasy feeling was gone after the school life started. Because all school staff and students are very kind and polite. I could spend a good time for a month. I’ll try to carry on studying English. I hope that I’ll come back to ILSC in someday. I’ll never forget the experience of ILSC.

Takashi Doi Japan