Social Volunteer Internship Program

Social Volunteer Internship Program

The Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) is an innovative model of enriched education combining English language studies with volunteer experience in an industry that meets students’ skills and interests. The Social Volunteer Internship in India combines language studies with experience the community. Students work to help disadvantaged Indians in New Delhi, or in small countryside villages.

Download ILSC Internship Program Guide Also See Business Volunteer Internship Program

Program Overview

Full-Time Intensive Study

Choose courses:

  • English Communication
  • Business English
  • Test Preparation (IELTS, or TOEFL)
  • Basic Hindi

Foundation courses may apply depending on your background and experience in the workplace.

Social Volunteer Internship

  • Volunteer to work with disadvantaged children, women, the disabled or handicapped, or the elderly
  • Students can also participate in village infrastructure projects
  • Experience village life and gain exposure to international development
  • Students must be prepared to live and work outside of Delhi, in Himachel, Pradesh, Rajasthan or Goa
  • Minimum 4 weeks of unpaid internship
Program Length

A minimum of 2 weeks Full-time Intensive study plus a minimum of 4 weeks of unpaid internship

NOTE: The maximum length of the placement depends on the host company or organization and the student’s own schedule.

Program Start Dates

Every Monday

Entry Requirements

Intermediate 1 (two weeks prior to internship start date)


Step One

Take the Pre-Registration Online Language Assessment (PROLA) and do a phone interview.

(Students registered in 24-week and longer Full-time Intensive study may be exempt from PROLA and the phone interview).

Step Two

Complete the ILSC application form, and the Volunteer Internship Program application form, indicating either the Volunteer Business Internship, or the Social Volunteer Internship, and send the program fees to the school.

Step Three

Submit both application forms, a curriculum vitae (CV) and a cover letter. The CV should be neat and professional and include all relevant educational and work experience. The cover letter should state your skills and placement goals.

The template can be found at the back of our Internship Success Guide and can also be downloaded at

VIP Student Report Forms For Current Students

Online report forms for VIP students.

VIP Report Forms
VIP Weekly Report