Policies and Procedures

ILSC has policies and procedures in place to help ensure our students have the best possible experience while at ILSC.

English/French Only

We have an English/French Only Policy in the school. This means that whenever you are in the school you must speak English or French (whichever language you are studying.)

If ILSC students are not speaking English/French (their language of study) in the school the following rules apply:

  • First Offence: The student will be given a written warning.
  • Second Offence: The student will be suspended from school for 1 day.
  • Third Offence: The student will be suspended from school for 3 days.
  • Fourth Offence: The student will be suspended from school for one week, and, if applicable, a letter will be sent to their agent and/or parents.

In the event of a suspension, students are not permitted anywhere on the school premises.

Lateness and Absenteeism

Students are expected to be on time to classes. If a student has been late four times for one class it will equal one absence.

Students are expected to attend class regularly. Students need to attend 80% of their classes each session, as part of the requirement to receive a credit for each course taken.

Note: if your total attendance is below 80%, you will not receive a Certificate of Completion.

Authorized Break and Leave of Absence

An Authorized Break does not exceed four weeks and is a postponement of studies where the student does not forfeit any tuition. A student must have completed 4 weeks of study before they can request an Authorized Break of a maximum of one week. After 12 consecutive weeks of study, a student may request an Authorized break of up to 4 weeks. The student must have a valid Visa that would cover all breaks.

A Leave of Absence does not exceed two weeks and the student forfeits the tuition and corresponding study time.

Upon returning from an Authorized Break or a Leave of Absence, we will try to place students in the same classes they were in previously but this may not always be possible if the classes are full.

Dismissal Policy

Students must keep good attendance and attend at least 80% of their classes. Students must speak only English or French (their language of study) when on school premises. If these expectations are not met, students may receive counselling. Then, after appropriate warnings, students will be expelled. Likewise, if a student's behavior is deemed inappropriate, the above procedures will be followed.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

ILSC students can talk about difficulties with their teachers, Counsellors/Liaisons and/or Administration. If no satisfactory solution is found, students need to follow formal procedures including presenting the problem in writing to the School Director, who will, in writing, address and resolve the dispute.

Class Change

Students can request a class change on the Thursday of their first week at ILSC. Program Directors are available to discuss academic challenges that students may face with their courses.

Privacy Policy

ILSC Education Group takes your privacy seriously. Any information you provide to us through this website will be used for the sole purpose of responding to your specific questions or concerns, or to conduct business with you. Your information will remain completely confidential, and we will not distribute it to third parties. Nor will we contact you with other offers or marketing information unless you expressly consent to be contacted for these purposes. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, or how we use your information, please contact us.