Life In India

Life in India

New Delhi

New Delhi is India’s Capital and second largest city with a population of approximately 21 million. Delhi residents boast of a robust metropolitan lifestyle which embraces both the new and old worlds. New Delhi is a bustling city of historic architecture, world class shopping, hundreds of parks, and a busy cultural calendar. It is as fast-paced or slow-paced as you desire.

The city is blessed with the flowing of the Yamuna River and offers a wide range of attractions such as monuments, temples, yoga, recreation areas, museums, art galleries, malls, cafés, restaurants and night clubs. New Delhi is the ideal central point for all travel in India with easily availability of flights, railways, buses and local transit on the ultra-modern Metro or in an auto-rickshaw.

Pre-Trip Information

New Delhi Climate

It is no secret that New Delhi is hot a large portion of the year but that is nothing to shy away from. Indians embrace the heat as a vital part of life, finding comfort in the shady parks and summer breezes, and weekend escapes to the nearby Himalayas. Located in the sub-continent of Asia New Delhi has a continental climate, with hot summers(April to August) which turn to hot-humid summers during the oft celebrated Monsoons(June-July) which bring the much needed waters to this agriculturally rich nation; and cool and dry winters (November to February). There are short Spring (March-April) and Fall (September-October) seasons.

Average Temperature (°C) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 21 24 30 36 41 40 35 34 34 35 29 23
Min 7 10 15 21 27 26 27 26 25 19 12 8

Cost of Living in India

Students should ensure that they have sufficient funds to cover their living expenses while studying at ILSC New Delhi. In addition to tuition fees, airfares and OSHC, living costs may include but are not limited to: rent, food, groceries, transport, utilities, entertainment and clothing. Expenses Guide

This is a guide ONLY. Prices are subject to change. All prices in USD

Transport Metro – one way token .25 to .50
Autorickshaw – one-way.50 to 2.00
Local Mobile Telephone $20 plus prepaid plan (typically $10 per month)
Fast Food Meal $2 - $5 /meal
Rice $1 /kg
Chicken $4 /kg
Potato $.50 /kg
Mango/Orange $2 /kg