Indian Immersion & Cultural Programs

Indian Immersion & Cultural Programs

Learning a language at ILSC-New Delhi offers a chance to explore India’s diverse and interesting culture through a variety of unique courses and programs. Explore India’s history through India 101, delve into the ancient practice of Yoga by taking English through Yoga, learn how to conduct business effectively in our Indian Business Culture course, tour the country with English on the Road, or sign up for cultural learning activities.


India 101

Are you fascinated by India? With over 5,000 years of history, there is so much to study and explore! Join ILSC–New Delhi’s India 101 program and find out all you ever wanted to know about this incredible country. Learn about its origins, its geography and people, the caste system, religions, the march to independence, the Bollywood film industry, India in the 21st century, food, fashion, festivals, and much more!

Early Morning Yoga Package

Students will practice yoga in the morning in its most traditional Indian method, as well as meditation and de-stressing techniques. They will learn the most common yoga techniques and poses, while paying special attention to English language learning. Students will develop English listening skills as they learn to follow physical instructions accurately while mastering the vocabulary of anatomy and movement.

Indian Business Culture

In this course, students will develop the English skills needed in the exciting world of marketing. This course focuses on fundamental theories, concepts and hands-on practical experience.

Free Survival Hindi class

Add our free survival Hindi classes to your schedule and learn to order food, negotiate rickshaw fees and bargain at bazaars. Survival Hindi classes are offered regularly as part of our activities program.


Early Morning Yoga Package

Yoga originated in ancient India, and at ILSC–New Delhi you will be able to connect with the cultural roots of this unique physical, mental and spiritual practice. In Early Morning Yoga Package, you will develop English listening skills as you learn to follow physical instructions accurately while mastering the vocabulary of anatomy and movement. You will also gain physical strength, flexibility and stress management skills. English through Yoga is offered as a skills class, or a full certificate program.

Hindi Communication Certificate

ILSC–New Delhi presents the 60-hour Beginner Hindi Program. Developed by certified and highly experienced Indian trainers, this program is an interactive, communicative and highly practical program for anyone looking to learn the basics of Hindi. The class is based on a student-centered approach that accommodates each learner’s interests and passions.

Learn more about the Hindi Communication Certificate

Guided Tours of India

Cultural Programs / Activities

ILSC–New Delhi also offers alternative programs that allow you to study some of India’s rich culture and heritage. These classes are held at local training centres and institutes near the ILSC–New Delhi campus and are taught by Indians who are professionals in their fields. All classes are conducted in English. Course offerings and prices may vary. Upon your arrival, please consult with the activities coordinator at ILSC–New Delhi for course availability.

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Traditional Indian Dance
  • Indian Cooking
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
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