ILSC Everyday

ILSC Everyday

Whether you already know something about India or not, you’ll never cease to be dazzled and amazed at the life and vibrancy of this vast country and diverse people.

When you first arrive at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (which is named after the beloved late Prime Minister) you will be greeted by someone who will take you directly to your apartment or homestay. Despite your long journey to India, don’t miss this golden opportunity to soak in the Delhi life on the ride home from the airport -- it’s every bit as interesting and intriguing as you imagine!

Day 1 - When your adventure in learning begins…

On your first day of class (usually a Monday), you will either be shown or taken to the school, which is located in a nice neighbourhood in south Delhi. The friendly staff and director will receive you with a smile and a hearty “Namaste” and your orientation will begin. The orientation includes:

  1. An initial placement exam to determine your level, which includes a 5 – 7 minute interview with a trainer or the director.
  2. Academic counseling to determine your needs in English and your path of study.
  3. Orientation to the school, the policies, the academic programs and the neighbourhood. You will receive a school binder and notebook that has information about the school and life in Delhi. Someone from the center will, at some point in the day, take you on a brief tour of Malviya Nagar to familiarize you with the local spots to buy food/snacks, phone cards, trains tickets, and delicious samosas and curries!

Mid-Point Counseling and Evaluation

You will receive an informal evaluation and progress check from your instructor(s) after at least two weeks of study. Your teachers will give you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in English, and help you plan a further path of study.

Your Final Week/Day at the School

You will take a final progress check with either a trainer or the director to measure your improvement in the time spent at ILSC. Your instructors will give you a formal written report of your performance in class, and you will receive a beautiful ILSC certificate of completion on your last day. There will also be someone to take you back to the airport, but don’t forget to collect all the email addresses and phone numbers of friends made at the school before you go!