A perfect way to experience the Indian way of life is to join ILSC’s Student Accommodations Homestay Program. These homes are of a good standard and are located near the school. Homestay hosts are often working families or retired people.

Homestay options provide students with a friendly atmosphere, living with an English speaking family, and for students who like authentic Indian cuisine, this is a great way to experience all the flavours, spices and varieties of Indian cooking. While staying with a family, students are still independent and are not expected to take part in family life. The travel time to the school from these houses is between 5 and 45 minutes on public transport and/or an auto rickshaw.

Private homes can be booked on a Half-Board basis (breakfast and dinner.)

ILSC students can sign up for a convenient cell phone plan for local and international calls and a personal internet card option.

All our host families are regularly visited to guarantee satisfactory standards.

ILSC Homestay