Communication Courses

Improve your communication skills through dynamic group activities focusing mainly on speaking and listening. Interact with your classmates in different social circumstances; both real and role played situations.

  • Build your vocabulary
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Increase your accuracy
  • Learn idioms & current expressions
  • Practise speaking in a range of situations

Courses also include elements of reading and writing.

For French Communication Classes visit French Courses.

Communication (3 hour classes)

These popular three-hour classes provide an intensive language immersion and an excellent opportunity to improve your speaking skills quickly. ILSC’s unique educational approach actively involves students in the learning process. Classroom activities are designed to match students’ interests.

English Communication

Levels: Beginner 1  to  Advanced 1
Hours Per Class: 3

In the lower levels, you will learn to use the right words and phrases for everyday life. In the intermediate levels you will improve English speaking and listening skills through small group activities and lively classroom discussion. You will learn to express ideas in diverse social situations and build vocabulary in a wide range of subjects. At the upper levels, you will progress through Speaking Dynamics, refining expressive language skills, debate and use of persuasive language. You will achieve Speaking Excellence by developing strategies for critical thought by delving into controversial issues. Improve use of complex language structure such as irony, problem solving and debate. You will work on becoming proficient in English by participating in Discussion Circles that aim to build native-like fluency using sophisticated vocabulary in dynamic discussions on topics such as art, sports, psychology, food, science and technology.

Communication (1.5 hour classes)

These 1.5 hour classes provide focused study skills and complement the three hour classes.


Levels: Beginner 3  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 1.5

Develop skills to confidently handle personal and business situations. A wide variety of speaking and action skills are presented and used in the classroom. Focus on developing fluency rather than on grammar correction or pronunciation difficulties unless they greatly interfere with communication. Develop new ways of expressing yourself in order to communicate clearly, make good choices, create realistic goals, and stand up for yourself in a positive way.


Levels: Beginner 1  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 1.5

Build confidence and improve fluency through daily practice, dialogues, role- plays and guided conversation.


Levels: Beginner 1  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 1.5

Practice and refine all aspects of pronunciation: sound, intonation, stress and mechanics. At the upper level, develop fluent and comprehensible speech through identification and correction of specific pronunciation weaknesses through diagnostic testing, teacher feedback, peer evaluation and self-monitoring.


Levels: Beginner 1  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 1.5

Intensive reading, speaking and writing activities help build formal and informal vocabulary including idioms and slang.