Business English

Business English Courses

ILSC offers a variety of business English courses to help students reach their future career goals. Students develop their English language skills while exploring interesting business environments from international business to human resources. Previous business experience is not a prerequisite.

Business English (3 hour classes)

This popular three-hour class provides an intensive language immersion and an excellent opportunity to improve your speaking skills quickly. ILSC’s unique educational approach actively involves students in the learning process. Classroom activities are designed to match students’ interests.

Business English

Levels: Beginner 3  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 3

Practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in a business context. Topics include marketing, resumé writing, job interview techniques and effective telephone communication.

Business English (1.5 hour classes)

This 1.5 hour class provides focused study skills and complements the three hour class.

Indian Business Culture

Levels: Beginner 4  to  Advanced 2
Hours Per Class: 1.5

In this course, students will develop the English skills needed in the exciting world of marketing. This course focuses on fundamental theories, concepts and hands-on practical experience.